Terms of sale

B2B.UGOCACCIATORI.COM is an online B2B [business to business] marketplace owned by UGO CACCIATORI [Ugo Cacciatori Corp, 2255 Verde Oak Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068, USA] which also manages the website content. The supply relationship with Customers will be managed by UC ITALIA [UC ITALIA srl,  Studio Marcarini, Via Corridoni 11, 20122], the title-holder of the order on completion of the purchase process and also the its sole distributor. By entering into an agreement through our website, the parties accept these terms and conditions. To this effect, Customers must read and print and print a copy of said terms and conditions before completing the purchase process. Being of a Business-to-Business nature, the sales relationship is not subject to all consumer protection regulations, in particular Italian Legislative Decree No. 206 of 2005, as set forth in the Italian Consumer Code.

PRICES The prices indicated, not inclusive of VAT, are those currently in effect. The price list and relative recommended retail prices are set and updated by 15 January every year. In the event of an increase in price before an order confirmation has been issued, UC ITALIA shall be automatically entitled to modify the total cost of the order. Any prices confirmed by the Seller shall not be binding for future orders. Customers shall practice retail prices that are equal to or higher than those indicated by the Seller, and discounts may not be granted unless instructed in advance by UC ITALIA, which shall retain preferential right of purchase.

PAYMENTS Unless agreed otherwise, the standard term of payment is in advance: 50% on confirmation of the order and the balance on delivery of the goods. Orders shall be considered pending until the confirmation payment has been received. Orders will be cancelled in the event said confirmation is not received within two weeks of receiving the order. If an exception to standard procedure has been agreed whereby Customer confirmation is not required, the order shall be deemed tacitly confirmed and irrevocable after two weeks have elapsed. Payments must be made by bank transfer to the current account of UC ITALIA, as indicated on the website and on the order confirmation. Customers may also request to pay by credit card by submitting the relative application provided by UC ITALIA, or by banker's draft which can either be sent by mail to UC ITALIA or given to the courier in the event of a cash-on-delivery transaction. Goods are subject to retention of title clause, as laid down in Article 1523 of the Italian Civil Code.

PRODUCTION Production of the goods shall take place within 90 days of confirmation of the order. A different lead-time shall not be of the essence, even when agreed. UC ITALIA shall be within its rights to not produce up to 10% of each order without having to give the Customer prior notification and without constituting grounds for the Customer to claim damages. UC ITALIA is entitled to accept only part of any order received and may choose to notify the Customer thereof in writing or simply ship the part of the order accepted straight to the Customer. In such cases, the Customer shall only be required to pay for the part of the order received. Goods may be grouped into a single delivery or shipped individually.

DELIVERY Goods are sold EXW [Ex-Works] and are deemed to have been delivered when made available at the Seller's facility on the date of issue of the goods ready for delivery notification. Delivery costs, including insurance and customs' duties, shall be met entirely by the Customer. At the time of delivery, the Customer must check the condition of the packages received and if the quality and quantity match those specified in the documents accompanying the goods. Any discrepancies must be immediately notified to avoid forfeiture of the warranty. UC ITALIA shall not be liable for any damage or loss resulting, either directly or indirectly, from the delayed or non-delivery of the goods by the carrier. If the Customer fails to collect the goods, UC ITALIA shall be entitled to receive 50% of the value of the order as compensation for damages incurred.

WARRANTY In the original quality certificate accompanying each item, UGOCACCIATORI guarantees the quality of all materials used. Products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of twelve months from delivery and the original invoice raised for the order must be presented for the warranty to be valid. Claims or disputes regarding a manufacturing defect must be notified by email within eight days of their occurrence. The product must be returned, along with the relative warranty certificate, fully intact and in its original packaging. UC ITALIA may, at the company's discretion, repair or replace the item, bearing the relative shipping cost. The warranty shall not apply in the event the product has been damaged, either by being dropped, mishandled, used inappropriately or through the fault or negligence of the Customer. You are reminded that the actual goods may vary slightly from the representative photographs provided on the website and that the colors of images can depend on screen settings.

RETURNS In the event of discrepancies between the goods ordered and the goods received, UC ITALIA shall bear any return and/or replacement costs. With the exception of the aforesaid cases and when authorized by UC ITALIA, goods may also be returned between three and a maximum of six months after delivery. In this case, the Customer shall meet all relative shipping costs. The value of returned products shall always and solely result in the issue of a credit note in the Customer's favor, to be used to obtain discounts of up to 30% off individual future orders. Goods' returns must first be checked and authorized in writing by UC ITALIA, which will assign and notify the CUSTOMER of the RMA [Return Authorization] number. Goods must be returned to UC ITALIA fully intact, in their original packaging and accompanied by all accessories supplied, including tax documents.

REPAIRS In the event of repairs and/or modifications not covered by the warranty, Customers can request an RA [Repair Authorization] from UC ITALIA by sending a detailed description and as many photos as necessary to fully illustrate the problem. UC ITALIA will provide a detailed quote for the requested repair/modification. Confirming this quote or sending the item shall authorize UC ITALIA to debit all costs to the Customer, including delivery charges which remain the Customer's responsibility.

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS Without prejudice to the terms of any specific distribution agreements in effect between the parties, the seller does not grant any exclusive rights over the sale of the products indicated in the confirmation or over the products in general. Moreover, Customers may not claim any right to the UGO CACCIATORI™ brand and shall only use it to identify and advertise the products purchased, within the context of the Customer's business, under penalty of the reimbursement of all damages caused by the unlawful or improper use of the brand.

CONSENT As laid down in Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, personal data provided may be processed for institutional purposes that are either connected with or instrumental to the business of UC ITALIA and UGO CACCIATORI. The information acquired may be shared with physical or legal persons, both in Italy and abroad, supplying specific data-processing services or related activities on behalf of and/or in the interests of our organizations. Refusing to provide personal information and not allowing it to be shared may make it impossible to establish and/or continue the sales and/or contractual relationship. In accordance with Articles 1341-1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the Customer hereby confirms that he/she has read and specifically accepts each clause in these GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE. Italian law shall govern the sales agreement. Any and all disputes regarding the interpretation and execution of the agreement shall be construed and governed exclusively by the Courts in the place in which UC ITALIA has its headquarters.